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“Overlooked Cities in Asia: Interrogating blind fields in urban knowledges and praxes”

Bandung, Indonesia, 6-8 September 2023

Call for participants

Conference & ECRs Mentoring Programme

Deadline: 19 May 2023, 23.59 Western Indonesian time (GMT+7)

To learn more and apply, click on the buttons below.

Overlooked cities Poster.jpg

Sponsored by the Urban Studies Foundation’s Seminar Series Award, this event will be the first in a series of academic events on “Overlooked Cities: Thinking and doing global urban studies differently.” The conference aims to facilitate a collective critique of the indifferent views on Asian cities that are marginalised, off-the-map, and under-theorised due to the logics of domination and control. It seeks to sharpen and expand post- and de-colonial interventions that shift the focus of global urban studies to the urban majority, articulating under-studied and under-represented spaces, knowledge, and practices in the Asian context.

The key concern of this conference is to promote a fundamentally collective praxis of counter-overlooking, which requires broadening the scope and extending the subjects in seeing, knowing, and acting from/with overlooked cities. Therefore, we invite researchers (particularly early career researchers), scholars and practitioners across Asia to work together on shaping a counter-overlooking agenda, to provide renewed critical impetus to think about, write about, care about and act on urban lives. Please consider joining us, with your observations or ongoing research projects that are related to any kind of overlooked cities in Asia.

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