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Seminar Series
Overlooked Cities: Thinking and doing global urban studies differently

We are delighted to have been selected by the

Urban Studies Foundation for a Seminar Series Award. 

Please note that our Call for Participants to our Conference and ECRs programme in Bandung is now closed. Thank you for your interest, we will be in contact with all applicants shortly.

Award USF

The Overlooked Cities seminar series interrogates “overlooked cities” or “overlookedness” as a collective critique and elaborates on the praxis of counter-overlooking to provide renewed critical impetus to think about, write about, care about and act on urban lives.

Three seminar events will be held in September 2023 in Bandung, Indonesia, in October 2023 in Bloemfontein, South Africa and in March 2024 in Durham, UK.

This series will:

  • Establish a common understanding and dialogue between the concepts of overlooked and ordinary cities, thereby grounding discussions in historical and contemporary debates;

  • Connect academics, practitioners and early career researchers working in, and on, overlooked cities to build a common agenda for counter-overlooking in global urban studies; and

  • Map the urban conditions that are overlooked and question their implications for planning policy and praxis.


The series envisages three main outputs: a special issue, an ECRs mentoring and training workshop, and an “Overlooked Cities Network.”


Image credit: Urban Studies Foundation, 2023 

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