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Seminar Series
Overlooked Cities: Thinking and doing global urban studies differently

We are delighted to have been selected by the

Urban Studies Foundation for a Seminar Series Award. 

Award USF

The Overlooked Cities seminar series interrogates “overlooked cities” or “overlookedness” as a collective critique and elaborates on the praxis of counter-overlooking to provide renewed critical impetus to think about, write about, care about and act on urban lives.

Three seminar events are held as part of this series:

This series will:

  • Establish a common understanding and dialogue between the concepts of overlooked and ordinary cities, thereby grounding discussions in historical and contemporary debates;

  • Connect academics, practitioners and early career researchers working in, and on, overlooked cities to build a common agenda for counter-overlooking in global urban studies; and

  • Map the urban conditions that are overlooked and question their implications for planning policy and praxis.


The series works towards three main outputs: a special issue, an ECRs mentoring programme, and an “Overlooked Cities Network.”


Image credit: Urban Studies Foundation, 2023 

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